SlotZ Racer2 Desktop screens

A while back when we were putting together the demo movie for SlotZ Racer2 I rendered up a short revolving scene of some of the SlotZ Racer cars. We were going to put some desktop screens up based on this but got caught up in other work! here they are with a couple rendered up in square 2048 that should suit iPad retinas 🙂×1440.jpg

Grab SlotZ Racer2 for iOS here!

The State of Play 2014

Now we’ve got the main work done on our new game, Fast Fishing. We’ve got a little time to take a look at our older games and getting some much needed update work done.

I thought it might be a good idea to keep our players in the loop, so here’s the first Strange Flavour State of Play update!

Fast Fishing:
While we were hoping to have Fast Fishing ready for the iOS App Store for Christmas, it turned out not to be practical and it is now set for a January launch, alongside the OS X version.
Fast Fishing marks our first return to Mac games since the Apple Design Award winning ToySight and Airburst Extreme a decade ago. Something we’ve always wanted to do and plan to do more of!
The Mac version of Fast Fishing will also be our testbed for the Oculus Rift VR headset. It won’t be in the initial version as it takes a bit of finessing to get right (and the Oculus Rift itself is still in development), but we’re looking to have it as a free option in the Mac version once it’s ready.

Any Landing and SnapMatch Soccer:
We released two games this year. Any Landing and SnapMatch Soccer. Both used our Play Nice system for fair In App Purchases and I adjusted it in SnapMatch Soccer to make it even more fair to players by making all the purchases non-consumable. So no matter what extras you buy in the game, you can always reset the game and regain your purchases. Fast Fishing also uses this version of the system on both iOS and OS X versions.

With the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there are some new screen sizes to take into account. Fortunately both Any Landing and SnapMatch Soccer work with the new screen sizes, but we’ll be doing updates to add specific iPhone 6/6+ screen modes to them and hopefully adding a few more features while we’re at it.

SlotZ Racer & SlotZ Racer 2:
If you’ve got our original SlotZ Racer game, published by Freeverse, hang onto it! With Freeverse’s purchase by ngmoco (and subsequent purchase of ngmoco by DeNA) the Freeverse App Store membership appears to have lapsed and all apps on it removed. This means that if you purchased SlotZ Racer, Warpack Grunts or The Plank, you won’t be able to re-download them (Flick Fishing was moved to DeNA’s store, so is still active).
As we don’t have any control over these apps, we originally created SlotZ Racer 2 to be a free app with all the features (and more) of SlotZ Racer unlocked so any SlotZ Racer players could get the new version and carry on playing. It also had some features that unlocked for free if you had the original game on your device. As the original isn’t available any more and can’t be re-downloaded if you’d purchased it, we’re going to unlock these features by default in the next update. While I was at it, I’ve added MFi controller support so you can race using any of the MFI controllers. This even works in multiplayer, so if you’ve got 3 friends with controllers, you can race using your iPhone connected to your Apple TV over AirPlay and play SlotZ Racer on the big screen 🙂

We’ve also noticed that SlotZ Racer 2 has some problems with iOS 8 screens, so I’ve re-written it to handle the new screen modes as well as iPhone 6/6+ The update should be submitted first thing in January and look out for some more exciting SlotZ Racer news then around the time of the Autosport International Show 😉

Warpack Grunts:
Grunts was another casualty of the loss of the Freeverse App Store. Fortunately as we still own the rights (and I still have the code hanging around), we’re looking at re-releasing Grunts under our own banner soon, with a much needed Universal update for iPad and MFi controllers. No idea on when it’ll be done as it’s a spare time project, but keep an eye out for it 🙂

Thank you all for playing our games and I hope you’ll keep enjoying them along with the new games we’ll hopefully be launching in 2015!

Aaron Fothergill

Warpack: Grunts MIA

It looks like a bunch of our old titles published by Freeverse have gone from the App Store (and from your purchased lists). We’re not certain why, but it looks like Freeverse’s new owners haven’t kept the Freeverse developer account active, so it (and any titles attached to it) have been pulled completely from the App Store.
In our case, that appears to be Warpack: Grunts and Plank, as well as the original SlotZ Racer.

SlotZ Racer fans can of course download SlotZ Racer 2 from our App Store link as we published it under our own banner and we’re working on an update to Grunts so it can also be re-released.

More news soon.

Weekend Projects- LittleBits to Lego

One of the hobbies I’ve been dabbling with the past few years is 3d printing after building an original RepRap Mendel. Given the depth of geekdom most visitors to this site probably fall under, I thought it might be an idea to showcase some of the useful bits I’ve uploaded to thingiverse in the past and fun new parts Im currently designing. One of the latest of these designs is an Adaptor to convert Lego technic into a nice framework for the LittleBits electronic project parts. Here it is mounting together some of the Korg LittleBits parts, you can download the file on Thingiverse here littlebits_lego

Airburst – The Soda Of Doom

10524066_776879522332511_606309117_nIf you’re a fan of our Mac games Airburst and Airburst Extreme, check out this great short film that’s premiering in the Children’s Film Festival at Comic-Con San Diego on Sunday at 10am.

Created by the multi-award winning Dani Bowman and her team at Powerlight Animation, it’s brings back the whole Airburst crew and some new friends 🙂

SnapMatch Soccer Press Release


SnapMatchSoccerPlay Soccer without all that running around and kicking!

From the authors of the hit games Any Landing, Flick Fishing and SlotZ Racer.

Match picture tiles quicker than SnapBot to control the game and score goals!

Strange Flavour’s latest game, SnapMatch Soccer is set for release on July 9th.

SnapMatch Soccer is the first of a series of SnapMatch sports games that Strange Flavour will be releasing over the next year, using our PlayNice system to allow free play with fair and optional IAP.

SnapMatch Soccer will be free to download and play with In App Purchases using our PlayNice system (as used by over a million players on our previous game Any Landing) to keep them fair.

• Play Friendly, League and Cup Matches
• 8 Leagues. Progress from the Pub League to the International Extreme League
• Collect 64 different star player cards to use in-game.
• Edit All the teams and create your own kits
• Male and Female players.
• Universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
• iCloud save game sync
• Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements

SnapMatch Soccer is the first of Strange Flavour’s competitive tile matching sports games.

SnapMatch uses In App Purchases using Strange Flavour’s new PlayNice system. With PlayNice, there is always a maximum amount you can spend on In App Purchases and any purchases count towards that cap, so you cannot accidentally spend more than the limit.

Media: Animated Gif showing basic gameplay: (App Store versions) (clean versions)

Contact Aaron Fothergill CEO/Lead Coder Strange Flavour Ltd.

PR Enquiries Anna Larke

It’s our birthday!

10 Years ago this week, Adam and I left our jobs at Argonaut Games to set up Strange Flavour Ltd and start writing the Mac games we’d been releasing under our Strange Flavour banner since 2001 as our full time jobs.

Thanks to the support of Ian and Colin Lynch Smith at Freeverse, who helped us start up and published our games, we had the opportunity to write successful games on the Mac, Xbox 360 and more recently the iPhone and iPad. In the last decade over 20 million players have downloaded and played our games and given us some great feedback that’s allowed us to improve them and write even better ones.

So as we go into the next decade and work on our next game, Adam and I would like to give a huge thank you to all our fans and players. As part of that thank you, we’ve got a little bonus treat for you in Any Landing 1.2. If you’ve purchased any Wings in the game’s shop, you’ll have noticed that as well as the extra mini-games, you now have some new aircraft and different aircraft liveries. If you fly the Twin Engined Cargo Plane or the Passenger Jet, you’ll also be able to unlock special 10th Birthday Strange Flavour liveries but only for this next week! So grab them now!



**Press Release**

Award-Winning Games Developer and Publisher, Strange Flavour Ltd, Celebrates its 10th Birthday!

 Since becoming full-time Mac game developers in April 2004, the game-creating team of brothers Aaron and Adam Fothergill has reached its first decade writing games for the Mac, Xbox 360 and iOS devices.

 Initially partnering with New York publishers Freeverse, Strange Flavour Ltd’s first game was the Apple Design Award winning ToySight for the Mac. Following that were games on the XBox 360 and then on iOS, including the number one selling games, Flick Fishing and SlotZ Racer. 10 years later they are now self-publishing, with their latest game, Any Landing which has already had over a million downloads!

 Strange Flavour have also introduced their fair In-App Payment system, called Play Nice, which allows games using IAP to keep track of a player’s spending and limit them to a fair and reasonable maximum spend, at which point the entire game is permanently unlocked.

 “We’ve got a few things we want to do over the next decade. We want to release more Mac games again as well as new versions of a few favourites, but mostly we want to keep on writing fun games for everyone to enjoy playing. We wouldn’t have got this far without our fans and want to thank them all for their great support so far and come up with more games that’ll keep them playing.” Aaron Fothergill, CEO & Lead Coder, Strange Flavour Ltd.

 To celebrate Strange Flavour’s birthday, Any Landing has a pair of very limited edition aircraft liveries that will only be available this week and can be unlocked with any in-game purchase of Wings (and of course are unlocked for any player who’s already bought Wings).

 Any Landing can be downloaded here:


Some great Any Landing Reviews!

A few Any Landing Reviews plus any really nice quotes (Thanks to Anna from Bizarre PR for collating these!) – 4 out of 5
“If you’re looking for some deep gameplay mechanics and an overall rewarding experience, you’ll find much to like”. – 4 out of 5

“Any Landing is a fun and unique game, and I again want to applaud the developer for their very customer-friendly approach to IAP”

 Touch Arcade Game Of The Week
“It’s worth learning though as underneath that simple exterior is a pretty charming and entertaining game” – 7 out of 10
“Bronze Award Pocket Gamer”

“Any Landing, then, has nailed the true spirit of aviation in its precarious flight mechanics.” 8.5 out of 10
“Putting some effort in learning the game, however, will reveal a very enjoyable title that tries to do something differently from the many other endless runner games on the market.”
“Any Landing is an enjoyable game and seems downright honorable with its in-app purchases. Definitely something to check out.”
“Any Landing is free to play, and it’s both a refreshing alternative to the “runner” genre and an example of a fantastic microtransaction model. Give it a shot.”

Any Landing is Touch Arcade’s Game of the Week!

Read it here

Many thanks to everyone at Touch Arcade!

Strange Flavour’s New Game Any Landing Hits The App Store With A Crash On February 12th 2014


Latest Title Showcases Strange Flavour’s Revolutionary New IAP called “Play Nice” Preventing Players From Accidentally Overspending

 On 12th February, Strange Flavour will launch its latest game, the “endless crasher” Any Landing,  for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.  This is a crashtacular game of airborne mayhem that comes from the creators of the Number One iPhone games Flick Fishing and SlotZ Racer, Mac games such as Airburst Extreme and the Apple Design Award winning ToySight .

In Any Landing, you are a pilot working for a very low-budget, cheapskate airline run by a dodgy miserly airline boss. Your aircraft always breaks down, your engines are forever burning out meaning you have to keep crash landing your planes. Not only that but a rival air company, Evil Air, are doing their level best to keep you out of the skies. Your mission is to try keep your passengers happy and your aircraft flying!




  • Fly through 32 levels over 4 different air routes!
  • Crash-land your plane, plunder luggage for  souvenirs and rescue cute kittens!
  • Unlock and fly 8 different aircraft and avoid been knocked out of the sky by the nefarious Evil Air!
  • Use lots of different upgrades to improve your aircraft and fly further!
  • Complete bonus VIP missions for extra rewards!
  • iCloud save game syncing
  • Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
  • MOGA ACE™ POWER Controller Support (as well as any other Made For iOS controllers).



playnice1Strange Flavour are using Any Landing to introduce their new IAP System called Play Nice ( which allows players to accelerate their gameplay with In-App Purchases, but doesn’t allow them to accidentally overspend.

Unlike other IAP-based systems, Play Nice always has an “All you can eat” option that permanently unlocks all optional content. What’s more, when a player purchases any of the lower priced content, the cost of that is taken off the price of the “All You Can Eat”  item meaning they’ll never pay more than a fixed amount. Once the player has purchased All You Can Eat, it’s theirs permanently.

It is hoped the Play Nice system will allow players to enjoy the games they want, the way they want, without accidentally racking up huge bills while at the same time, allowing the developers to still make a living.

CEO and Lead Coder Aaron Fothergill explains, “In-App Purchase is a very useful feature that has recently been somewhat abused in games. Strange Flavour wants to play nice and help rebuild the players’ trust.”

And as the old saying goes, “Any Landing you can walk away from is a good landing!”

Any Landing will be available for Free on the App Store, 12th February. The Universal App, requires iOS 6 and above.

Teaser Trailer

Screenshots (full size)

Or zip archive of them all..

Screenshots (1024×768 jpg)


PR Enquiries

Anna Larke

About Strange Flavour

Strange Flavour Ltd. is a small UK based independent games developer run by two brothers, Aaron and Adam Fothergill who have nearly 50 years of combined experience in the games industry.

After taking the Mac world by storm with their award winning games Airburst Extreme and ToySight, Strange Flavour have been creating hit iPhone games, including Flick Fishing, published through Freeverse, which was one of the top selling iPhone games of all time and the #1 slot car racing game SlotZ Racer.

Strange Flavour are now publishing their own iPhone games on the App Store, starting with SlotZ Racer 2 and SlotZ Racer Caterham Special.

For the physicists…

Strange Flavour is named after a sub-atomic particle called a quark. Quarks come in various flavours, such as up,down and rather interestingly, ‘strange’. As has been pointed out to us by some of the physicists out there, there are more than the 4 original flavours of quark than we first believed (I did my physics a *long* time ago). They’re probably adding new flavours of them to compete with the new ones that the fizzy drinks companies are marketing.

Aaron Fothergill : Game Design and Programming

Adam Fothergill : Graphics and Sound