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Pop Pop Pop! Strange Flavour’s classic Mac hit AirBurst is finally on iOS and it’s coming to your real world in AR! App Store Link

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Flick Fishing Redux

Time to stop messing around 🙂 When we wrote the original Flick Fishing for the iPhone back in 2008, we never realised just how influential

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Keep your eyes peeled for a subtle but important change of something on our site this month 😉

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We’ve finally got the first part of the big Fish! 1.3 update out and the biggest part is that we’ve brought back FishNet! The idea

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A new game!

So, the last month or so has been somewhat chaotic. We’ve still been working on the big Fish! update while we can, but needed a

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Personal Update

As I mentioned in the latest Mobile Mavens article on one of the risks of being a small indie dev is that a random

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