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It’s our birthday!

10 Years ago this week, Adam and I left our jobs at Argonaut Games to set up Strange Flavour Ltd and start writing the Mac games we’d been releasing under our Strange Flavour banner since 2001 as our full time jobs.

Thanks to the support of Ian and Colin Lynch Smith at Freeverse, who helped us start up and published our games, we had the opportunity to write successful games on the Mac, Xbox 360 and more recently the iPhone and iPad. In the last decade over 20 million players have downloaded and played our games and given us some great feedback that’s allowed us to improve them and write even better ones.

So as we go into the next decade and work on our next game, Adam and I would like to give a huge thank you to all our fans and players. As part of that thank you, we’ve got a little bonus treat for you in Any Landing 1.2. If you’ve purchased any Wings in the game’s shop, you’ll have noticed that as well as the extra mini-games, you now have some new aircraft and different aircraft liveries. If you fly the Twin Engined Cargo Plane or the Passenger Jet, you’ll also be able to unlock special 10th Birthday Strange Flavour liveries but only for this next week! So grab them now!



**Press Release**

Award-Winning Games Developer and Publisher, Strange Flavour Ltd, Celebrates its 10th Birthday!

 Since becoming full-time Mac game developers in April 2004, the game-creating team of brothers Aaron and Adam Fothergill has reached its first decade writing games for the Mac, Xbox 360 and iOS devices.

 Initially partnering with New York publishers Freeverse, Strange Flavour Ltd’s first game was the Apple Design Award winning ToySight for the Mac. Following that were games on the XBox 360 and then on iOS, including the number one selling games, Flick Fishing and SlotZ Racer. 10 years later they are now self-publishing, with their latest game, Any Landing which has already had over a million downloads!

 Strange Flavour have also introduced their fair In-App Payment system, called Play Nice, which allows games using IAP to keep track of a player’s spending and limit them to a fair and reasonable maximum spend, at which point the entire game is permanently unlocked.

 “We’ve got a few things we want to do over the next decade. We want to release more Mac games again as well as new versions of a few favourites, but mostly we want to keep on writing fun games for everyone to enjoy playing. We wouldn’t have got this far without our fans and want to thank them all for their great support so far and come up with more games that’ll keep them playing.” Aaron Fothergill, CEO & Lead Coder, Strange Flavour Ltd.

 To celebrate Strange Flavour’s birthday, Any Landing has a pair of very limited edition aircraft liveries that will only be available this week and can be unlocked with any in-game purchase of Wings (and of course are unlocked for any player who’s already bought Wings).

 Any Landing can be downloaded here:


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