Strange Flavour Games


Flick Fishing Redux | iOS – Universal – AppleTV – Mac OS X Fish in 11 gorgeous living 3D locations for 30 different kinds of fish and unlock them to show off in your virtual aquarium! The sequel to Strange Flavours hit “Flick Fishing”


SlotZ Racer 2 | iOS – Universal – AppleTV The original and best slot car racing game for iOS! Race around the world with simple one button controls with 25 different cars and bikes. Create your own tracks and share them with your friends!


Any Landing | iOS – Universal – AppleTV

“Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing!”

Try and keep your passengers happy and airline flying in this crashtacular game of airborne mayhem from the authors of the #1 games SlotZ Racer and Flick Fishing!


Tiny TrackZ | iOS – Universal – AppleTV

Try and solve the railway shunting puzzle as fast and in as few moves as possible, collect trains and run them around your own train set!



SlotZ Racer Zenos Special | iOS – Universal Experience the thrill of belonging! Race the Zenos Cars E10 and supercharged E10 S through an action packed championship in this free special edition of SlotZ Racer 2. Grab the full version of SlotZ Racer2 for unlimited fun and get creative with your own track creations!


AppleBob | iOS – Universal Evil Corp’s gloopers have captured all the bees and it’s up to you, as the game’s feisty protagonist Dash, to save them. Enjoy a good old-fashioned bout of platforming fun as you jump and dash through 100 levels of glorious hand drawn, high-resolution retina artwork using ridiculously easy-to-learn controls.


Fast Fishing | iOS – Universal – MacOS X

Fish your way through 22 stunning levels by catching fish quickly enough to avoid running out of time. If you feel like a change of pace you can tap Just Fish and fish in any of the spots you’ve unlocked for as long as you want.


SnapMatch Soccer | iOS – Universal Play soccer without all that running around and kicking! Match Tiles quicker than SnapBot to control the game and score goals!  more…


SlotZ Racer Caterham Special | iOS – Universal Race several of Caterham’s Seven road and track cars in this free edition of Slotz Racer. Grab SlotZ Racer 2 and the full Caterham Pack to extend this with more tracks, championships and track editing!


Warpack Grunts | iPhone/iPod touch Lead your squad to save the world from Evil Dude. They shoot things, blow things up, drive tanks and pilot helicopters. They also really, really love their M-16s. They are the Grunts!


Flick Fishing | iOS Fully animated “living” enviroments combine with intuitive real-life controls to create the best fishing game available for any mobile device! Flick Fishing is Published by and developed for Freeverse.


plank Plank | iPhone/iPod touch Plank – the classic ToySight game totally remixed in Shiny SteamPunk for the iPhone! No more aching arms, just tranquil to manic gameplay.


spyglass Spyglass Board Games | XBox 360 Spyglass Board Games offers a fun new take on classic board games, like Chess, Checkers, Mancala, and Reversi. Play and chat socially on Xbox LIVE®, or play against the computer. Use the Xbox LIVE Vision camera to personalize the game board, playing pieces, and video effects.


totemball TotemBall | XBox 360 The ancient Ptolmec tribe were a musical people who invented many things in their time. Unfortunately, due to accidentally inventing gunpowder and the barbeque at the same time, all of their musical totems have been scattered through the jungle!


airburstxt Airburst Extreme | MacOS X PPC Airburst Extreme is the followup to our award winning game Airburst and has been re-written from the ground up to include an interactive Story Game, introducing the 10 different characters, each with their own Extreme powers, 32 different game types, most of which are also playable over a network. Watch out too for the new power ups, spectacular OpenGL rendered graphics and great soundtrack from Abdoujaparov, Freekstar and Jaffa Mountain!


toysight ToySight Gold | MacOS X PPC ToySight Gold is a set of cool games and toys to play using your iSight™ or similar FireWire camera. Using a system of object and motion detection to track your position, ToySight Gold allows you to control buttons, sliders and perform gestures on the screen, putting you right in the action!


airburst Airburst | MacOS X PPC The Classic Airburst for Macos 9 and Macos X


bushfire Bushfire | MacOS X PPC Strange things are afoot in the Experimental Forest and fires are popping up all over the place. Fortunately, you are equipped with the latest in water bomb equipped helicopters and a crack team of smoke jumpers to help put the fires out.