Strange Flavour Pay It Forward By Publishing Other Developers’ Games

When Aaron and Adam Fothergill started Strange Flavour Ltd. in 2004, it was with the help of the Lynch Smith brothers’ company Freeverse as their publisher.
Since then, Strange Flavour has gone on to write games for the Mac, XBox 360 and of course the iPhone, published through Freeverse and, more recently, released under their own Strange Flavour label on the App Store.

From the help they had, they now aim to pay it forward by publishing other developers’ games on the iOS and Mac App Stores, starting with Pixel Pyro and their upcoming first iOS game, Apple Dash.

Like Strange Flavour, Pixel Pyro are a two-man team comprising Coder/Game Designer Jim Bagley and Artist Paul Vera-Broadbent (otherwise known as Pab). As well as technical and management help, Strange Flavour’s Adam Fothergill has also created the music and sound effects for Apple Dash.

Strange Flavour’s CEO and Lead Coder Aaron Fothergill said “We benefited massively from Ian and Colin’s experience and knowledge in publishing our games and we’re hoping to pay some of that help forwards to other games developers.”

Apple Dash will be available on the App Store on Sept 26th.

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