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New Stuff and a change of direction!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, mostly because we’ve been working really hard to get Tiny TrackZ ready for launch in August (we’re even sponsoring the Touch Arcade podcast for a couple of weeks on launch, so tune in!).

We decided earlier in the year that we were going to change how we sell our games from now on. Our Play Nice system has been an interesting experiment in seeing if we can provide Free to Play games without over the top and unlimited micropayments and still earn enough revenue to fund game development. However it’s not really done well enough to pay the rent. We’re also not entirely happy with how free games are perceived and simply put, we’re having to do a lot of extra hard work to make games work for Play Nice without any real benefit.

So from now on, we’re keeping it simple. All our new games will be paid games. We’re also having a moratorium on sales and none of our paid games will be free for a day or at all, so if you like one of our games, you can buy it without worrying if it’ll be cheaper at some point (it won’t. In fact, the price might even go up).

We’re not ruling out having extra content added to our games as an IAP option but this will be extra content and not a payment to keep playing the game or change how the game plays.

Once Tiny TrackZ is released, I’m going back over all our old games and working on updates as well as new paid versions of the Play Nice ones. We’ll be keeping the Play Nice ones on the App Store, but they’ll also have straight paid versions for players who just want to play and pay.

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