Phew! After a month in crunch mode, I’ve finally submitted Any Landing as the third of our games for the new Apple TV App Store. SlotZ Racer 2 and Tiny TrackZ are both on there already, although thanks to the somewhat soft launch of the App Store on the Apple TV you have to manually search for them to find them.

Please, Please, Please, do the search for Tiny TrackZ, SlotZ Racer (and when it’s released) Any Landing and buy them on the Apple TV as without the feature visibility we’re struggling with them being practically invisible on the store.

The good news is, if you’ve already bought one of our games on iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch, we’re making all our Apple TV games what Apple calls Universal Purchase. This means that the tvOS and iOS versions of the game are covered by the same purchase. So for instance, if you’ve bought Tiny TrackZ on the iPhone, you already own it on Apple TV and just need to download it.

Even better, we’re implanting iCloud synchronisation between the iOS and tvOS versions, so you can carry on playing your saved games from the iPhone (or iPad etc.) on your Apple TV. We’ve got this in SlotZ Racer and Any Landing already and the next update to the iOS version of Tiny TrackZ will cover that too!

We’re also big fans of the MFi Game Controller so all our Apple TV games support them. That means SlotZ Racer 2 can now be played in 4 player mode with your friends sat around your TV! (great fun for parties!)

The update to SlotZ Racer on iOS got a little delayed by the sudden appearance of Apple TV developer kits, but it’s benefitted as we’ve realised we can use the uprated graphics we did for the Apple TV version on the iOS version too for the new iPhones and iPads, so that’ll be out soon too!


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