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Strange Flavour are Back on the Mac!

After starting up as a Mac only games company on April 1st 2004 and having hits with Airburst, ToySight, Airburst Extreme and Bushfire (not to mention an Apple Design Award for ToySight) Strange Flavour have been somewhat absent from the Mac games market for a (cough) few years while writing games for the Xbox 360 and the odd hit or two for the iPhone.

We’ve always been a Mac team though (even our Xbox 360 titles were written on Macs) and while commercial pressure and some sensible direction by our excellent publishing partners Freeverse focused us on the iOS market, we’ve always wanted to be writing more Mac games and a recent switch in how we develop our games meant we’ve been able to jump back in!

Strange Flavour’s first new Mac game will be the Mac version of Fast Fishing and it will be released on our birthday, April 1st (also the birthday of another company to do with the Mac). While based on the same development version as the iOS version of Fast Fishing, the Mac version has no ads, higher resolution artwork and is written specifically for Mac controls. Future updates will also allow you to link both versions of the game and we’re working on an Oculus Rift update which will be a free update for the Mac version.

Following soon* after Fast Fishing will be another new title, Tiny TrackZ, which will be one for railway fans 🙂

Fast Fishing Mac screenshots:

Strange Flavour are a small two- man games company based in the UK. Starting with the Mac games Bushfire and Airburst just after the launch of OS X, they turned full time with the start of Strange Flavour Ltd. in 2004 and a team up with their publishing partners Freeverse. After writing the game Flick Fishing on iOS it went on to become an international hit, reaching number one in the iPhone games chart and selling four million copies. Flick Fishing Free was also downloaded over 20 million times and players racked up over two thousand years of gameplay.


Aaron Fothergill

CEO/Lead Coder

Strange Flavour Ltd.

* Please note, the person who wrote this press release is also a coder, so the word ‘soon’ has a somewhat more flexible meaning than what most people think of it as.