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ALAvatar-Pilot256Any Landing 1.2 is now on the App Store!

This update adds another bonus game and new aircraft for anyone who’s bought Wings in the shop!

 It’s Strange Flavour Ltd’s 10th Birthday this week! Unlock the limited edition aircraft liveries in the game before they’re gone!

If your having trouble with Any Landing, check out our new FAQ:

Any Landing Help & Support

Thanks for all the feedback and playing!

AnyLanding, our new game is out Now!! and Free to download on the Appstore!  If you enjoy playing Any Landing, be sure to leave us a good review, tell all your friends and if you crash a lot… (which many people will!) just hit the video button and share your best crashes with Everyplay to your friends or the whole world!

New Any Landing avatars for you to download in our goodies page !


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