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We’ve got a brand new SlotZ Racer special edition out! It’s called SlotZ Racer Zenos Special and we’ve written it in collaboration with Zenos Cars, a brand new British sports car manufacturer!

We even got to have a test drive of their 250bhp turbocharged E10S on the roads around Brands Hatch (and some fast passenger laps around the track with their test driver Emma!) so we have first hand experience of just how much fun this car is 🙂

SlotZ Racer Zenos Special is on the App Store now and even includes MFi controller compatibility so you can play the game with any compatible game controller. (It’s actually set up for 4 player mode using controllers, but we’re still getting the bugs out for an update). All the new features in this special edition, along with the E10 and E10S are coming to SlotZ Racer 2 HD in an update soon too.

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