We hope you’re enjoying Any Landing, but if you’re having any issues, hopefully this short FAQ will help and we’re always on hand to help at info@strangeflavour.com or on our Facebook page!


Q) I don’t like adverts, how can I get rid of them?

If you purchase any number of Wings in the game’s shop, the banner ads are automatically removed and you can select to switch off the in-game rewards in the options page.

Q) Where’s the Flappy Landing game mode that was meant to be in V1.1?

A) If you’ve downloaded the 1.1 or 1.2 update in iTunes but not synced it with your device, you’re still playing 1.0. Just sync with iTunes or update on the device and you should see the Flappy Landing button on the main menu.

Q) Why do I lose my Aircraft I bought when I lose a game?

This was the way the game was designed in V1.0, but has been changed so that all aircraft purchases are permanent in V1.1 upwards.

Q) I lose all my Coins whenever I lose a game, can I change that?

Yes. Your coins are essentially your score, so it’s normal for them to reset each game (unless you continue). In V1.2 however, there is a Bank Vault upgrade that permanently makes it so that coins are kept between games.

Q) I’ve just upgraded to V1.1 and the game crashes when I launch it

Make sure you’re playing online for at least the first game you play. We’ve spotted a bug that causes a crash if you launch directly after upgrading while offline. Playing online fixes this and you can play offline again afterwards.

Q) Are there any other bug fixes or changes you’re working on for V1.3?

As with V1.1, if you’ve bought any Wings in the shop, the 1.2 update will award you some extra for being a great player!

We’re still looking into these reports of people having crashes in the new version (1.2), but so far nobody’s emailed us with any actual data, so it may just be corrupted downloads. If you do have any crashes on 1.2, please email us via our contact page here or get in touch via Facebook.
Any help our players gives us is really appreciated and we always look at ways of rewarding this great help!

Kiip Rewards are active again in Any Landing 1.2 after they were disabled for a couple of days due to a glitch.