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19th September 2018

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Pop Pop Pop! Strange Flavour’s classic Mac hit AirBurst is finally on iOS and it’s coming to your real world in AR


We first released AirBurst for the OSX Beta and MacOS 9 back in 2001 and it because a cult shareware hit, following it up with AirBurst Extreme when we started Strange Flavour Ltd. as a full company, partnering with our publisher Freeverse. While we actually wrote another AirBurst in 2007-2008 for the XBox 360, it didn't actually get released as we simply ran out of money to publish it. We got distracted with the App Store and Flick Fishing and while we were still designing a 'new' AirBurst, things were never quite lined up to actually write it. This new version of AiRburst is based on all the best bits of all 3 prior versions. Initially releasing as an iOS 12, AR only version with the first 4 characters (BCM, Flux, Maya and Moon) we're going to be expanding the game in updates with all the characters and the best of the different game modes we've developed over the years!


  • Guide your bat to deflect the deadly bursters and avoid getting popped out of the sky. Grab the powerups to change the game and boost your chances. Charge up your unique Extreme power and use it to tip the balance and pop your opponents! Play against your friends in shared AR (‘accidentally’ bumping them so they miss a hit can be a handy tactic if you don’t do it too much ;) ) or play as any of the four characters in single player mode.
  • Up to 4 players over a WiFi LAN with a shared AR experience.
  • Single player game with 4 different characters, each with their own unique Extreme power.
  • Literally millions of levels, generated by the game’s combination of powerups. Every level plays differently.
  • Unlock levels as you progress and start at any level you’ve previously won.
  • Look Mode control - Your bat turns to wherever you’re looking with your iOS device
  • Also has Button Mode control for the AirBurst traditionalists and Touch control options.
  • Includes the Punk Pop Classic “Pop Pop Pop” by Abdoujaparov!


There are currently no trailers available for AiRburst. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




Awards & Recognition

  • "Apple Design Award for Most Innovative OSX Product "ToySight"" 2004
  • "MacWorld Best of Show "ToySight"" MacWorld 2004
  • "Pocket Gamer - Top 50 iPhone Developer" 2009

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About Strange Flavour Ltd

Strange Flavour Ltd. is a small UK based independent 2 man games developer, run by brothers Aaron and Adam Fothergill who have 50+ years of combined experience in the games industry. After taking the Mac world by storm with their award winning games Airburst Extreme and ToySight, Strange Flavour have been creating hit iPhone games, including Flick Fishing, published through Freeverse, which was one of the top selling iPhone games of all time and the #1 slot car racing game SlotZ Racer. Strange Flavour are now self publishing on iOS, Mac and Apple TV with new versions of AirBurst, SlotZ Racer, the sequel to Flick Fishing, Fish! (which has now become Flick Fishing Redux) and other great games such as SpinnYwingS and Tiny TrackZ. For the physicists… Strange Flavour is named after a sub-atomic particle called a quark. Quarks come in various flavours, such as up,down and rather interestingly, ‘strange’. As has been pointed out to us by some of the physicists out there, there are more than the 4 original flavours of quark than we first believed (I did my physics a *long* time ago). They’re probably adding new flavours of them to compete with the new ones that the fizzy drinks companies are marketing.

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AiRburst Credits

Aaron Fothergill
Lead Coder and CEO Strange Flavour

Adam Fothergill
Graphics and Sound Director





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